Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Urban Heat is Man Made

Our cities have reached the tipping point where power consumption and urban heat now threaten the quality of life for everyone. The rise in urban heat in the last 50 years is a result of heat generating asphalt parking lots and roofs that have taken the place of trees and vegetation.  DOE estimates that "black" asphalt surfaces now cover 60% of our cities, and is the major source of urban heat.

Emerald Cities™ has been working in collaboration with the US Department of Energy (Urban Heat Island Group) since 2009 to develop "energy efficient" pavement an d pavement coatings. The innovative coating solutions that Emerald Cities™ has developed through this collaboration is a game changing technology directly addressing the which directly reduces heat an CO2.   The estimated U.S. potential energy savings  through the use of solar reflective pavements in the inner cities is in excess of $1 billion per year.

The Unintended Consequences of Asphalt

UC Berkeley’s Mikhail Chester, Phd. has determined that the total square feet of parking lots in America now out numbers the total square feet of roads. Chester calculates 1 up to 2 billion spaces In the United States, locate d primarily in the cities1.  With 12’x20’ being the average size space, these find ings convert to 480 Billion square feet of black asphalt parking lots in the US.

According to the DOE, cool coating roofs and pavements with solar-reflective materials would offset 44 billion tonnes of emitted CO2. This is equal to 11 billion car-years of emission, or the same as taking 600 million3 cars off the road for 18 years.

Hot Cities Increase Global Pollution

The growing density of population in the cities is contributing to an increase in atmospheric NOX and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations from fossil fuel exhaust According to the World Mayors, the “Largest Urban Areas by 2020” can be seen at http://www.citymayors.com/statistics/urban_2020_1.html.

Of the industrialized countries, the lifestyle, population density and industry effects of the top 100 cities alone, demonstrates that heavily populated cities are tipcally hotter and playing a major role in the warming of our planet http://www.citymayors.com/gratis /uscities_100.html. Heat generated by asphalt surfaces over 60% of the cities is causing heat inversion amplifying smog and air pollution in major cities. Cool pavement is simple and logical solutuion to man made urban heat.  Emerald Cities™ Cool Pavement has the highest solar reflectance of any product on the market.

Emerald Cities™ Ltd. has adopted the “100 Cities Cool Pavement Initiative" in collaboration with the Department of Energy, LBNL, to try to address this problem of increased heat and smog in densely populated cities.


1(Parking infrastructure: energy, emissions, and automobile life-cycle environmental accounting; July 29, 2010; stacks.iop.org/ERL/5/034001).