Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
EC Green Filling Stations - Licensing Program

The first Emerald Cities™ “Green Filling Station” has been opened in Scottsdale, Arizona with the plan to open a total of 100 worldwide within the next several years. EC Green Filling Stations are the “distribution center” where contractors can drive up to the warehouse, fill up their trucks with EC solutions, sand, and cement, and go off to their jobsites for the day. This is a totally new concept in product distribution which insures top quality performance of materials.


Most liquid products have limited shelf life. Warehoused products rarely indicate how old the product may and you will never know if it has been exposed to freeze or heat.   Emerald Cities™ solutions are at their best when mixed and sold fresh, and our philosophy is to pass that on the customer. The concept of a Green Filling Station is to provide solutions that are made fresh daily and kept in a temperature controled environment until ready for use to ensure the best quality results on the jobsite.


Emerald Cities™ USA is currently licensing Emerald Cities™ Green Filling Station operations to prospective distributors.  Companies may reserve cation for $10,000 with short and long term financing options. The total cost of an Emerald Cities™ Green Filling Station includes, starting inventory, furnishings, training, manuals and the licensing right the Emerald Cities™ Name Brand, and use of its Trade Secret Cool Pavement Formulas and technologies.  For More information, click here.