Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
”Cool Pavement” Reduces Urban Heat

Emerald Cities™ Solar Reflective Cool Pavement coating is proven to significantly reduce the surface heat of asphalt and cement.  This  nano-engineered ma terial is a durable coating designed to reduce surface heat of parking lots, airport tarmac, shopping malls, schoolyards and city streets.   On a average summer day, it can safely be said that EC Cool Pavement will reduce surface heat between 20º-30º on average.


July 2010 Phoenix - Ambient Air 110˚(F)

Fresh Laid Asphalt  209˚(F) - Cool Pavement  135˚(F)

With recent studies in climate change the EPA has coined the term “Cool Pavement”  to describe surfacing materials for pavements that can reduce this heat and the effects of urban heat island. The Emerald Cities “Solar Reflective Cool Pavement” involved Lawrence Berkeley California Labs (DOE) and research by MIT to develop a product like this that can significantly reduce surface heat. “Cool Pavement” also saves energy by reducing the demand on the air conditioning required to cool adjacent buildings.



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