Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
“100 Cities” Cool Pavement Initiative -Mayors

The 100 Cities initiative originates with NASA and the Earth Orbit Satellite (EOS) which is monitoring the thermal radiation of the Urban Heat Island in the worlds largest cities. Nasa thermal imaging of Urban Heat forming in the worlds  major cities a can be seen at www.emeraldcities-initiative.com.



The Scope of this Program is the single installation of a “Cool Pavement” project to demonstrate its energy efficiency and stimulate "green" jobs. Participating cities are provided with tools to monitor reduced temperatures and energy savings, educational tools, and media coverage.  Cities must define a high profile project located in an Urban Heat Island Zone of the central city and will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Offset Credit calculated at $5 per ton in advance (Cool Pavement CO2 Offset = 10 tones per 1000 sq ft)

  • Discounted Labor Cost

  • Discounted Equipment Cost

  • Complimentary monitoring equipment;

  • "Cool Communities" Department of Energy Seminar

  • Complimentary Nationwide Publicity & Media Coverage as s participating City.



Cities seeking to apply for this Program are asked to send a written request on official letterhead