Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Cool Defense Initiative – DOD

Secret desert drone base;  cargo burning up on hot tarmac.


Fact: Heat injuries are persistent in the United States and within foreign theaters of operation, and remain a significant threat to the health and operational effectiveness of U.S. soldiers.  In theaters such as Afghanistan and Iraq where desert temperatures can easily exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, heat can be as deadly as a sniper’s bullet. In fact,  in some theaters ,  ground combat troops incidence of heat stroke and exhaustion were responsible for more casualties than enemy fire. Cooling vests are sometimes used, but they only partially address the potential for heat injuries suffered by U.S. military personnel.


Cool Defense Initiative: “Cool Pavement” and "Cool Slurry" coatings can help mitigate heat index at U.S. military installations worldwide  and can significantly reduce the heat signature of military basis and improve military personnel safety. Cool coatings have also been known to reduce the deterioration of aircraft navigation systems and important cargo sensitive to extreme heat. The U.S. military is implementing new standards for sustainability and green building practices.  These policies apply to all construction and ren ovation of new buildings and structures in the U.S. territories, permanent overseas installations, facilities and bases.  Emerald Cities "Cool Defense initiative" is designed to provide the following benefits:


• Reduces immediate heat index

• Improves health and safety at military complexes

• Improves working environment for military personnel

• Extends service life of asphalt and

• Decreases maintenance cost

• Reduces energy consumption and thermal heat

• Reduces CO2 emissions

Solid khaki green or camoflage color option