Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017


Protecting Our Children from Urban Heat Island Effecting Schools


Inner City Schools are today challenged with finding a solution for mitigating heat on the hot asphalt in recess play yards. What is little known is that most of the thermal heat radiated from asphalt remains between 1-4 feet above the immediate surface.   During the heat of the school day asphalt playgrounds can average between 145-160 degrees in the fall and spring.  What is also not known is that kids absorb more heat than adults while sweating less, and as a result kids have a greater propensity for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines heatstroke as a life-threatening and debilitating condition that occurs due to the body temperature elevating over 104˚F. The CDC goes on to explain that heatstroke can be caused by increased environmental temperatures and strenuous physical activity. A recently published article from the American Academy of Pediatrics (July 2000) recognized that children and the elderly are at greater risk for heat due to the effect of the Urban Heat Island.

Emerald Cities™ Solar Reflective Cool Pavement combined can lower the schoolyard temperatures considerably and creating comfortable rest areas for children at recess.  This small change can make a large difference in children’s heat health, and save the school in energy consumption by reducing thermal heat radiating through building walls from black asphalt playgrounds.


Emerald Cities™ has launched the 100 cities “Cool Pavement” initiative and is inviting inner city schools to provide demonstration sites with the help of Community Sponsors. Emerald Cities™ is seeking corporations and individual sponsors to financially contribute to this program in an effort to demonstrate the importance of cooling the asphalt in our children’s schools. For every 5000 sq feet of play yard, Emerald Cities™ will donate a shade tree for covered rest areas.


Our kids are the key to our future. Yet it is well known that there is no funding available from any private source for improvement of inner city schools.  The Emerald Cities Program for “Cool Schools” will depend on the help of foundations, private donors, local business, and community support.    Kids will be allowed to design their own color layouts making it fun and educational


$      1,000 Individual Contributor

Pays for 1000 sq ft recess area with EC Matching Funds

$      5,000 Neighborhood Sponsorship

5 local business – School of choice - recess area – local news

$      10,000 Corporate Sponsorship

EC provides Statewide Publicity and Press Acknowledgement

$      50,000 Foundation Sponsorship

EC provides Nationwide Publicity – 5 Schools of Choice

$     100,000 “100 Cities” Sponsorship

Provides school as demonstration site for Mayors in 10 cities