Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Puppy Paw Protection Plan - Veterinary

The incidents of veterinarians treating dogs for 3rd degree burns on their paws is on the rise. It should be common sense, but sadly it's not. When the temperature is 100 degrees, surfaces like asphalt, bricks and concrete can reach 150 to 170 degrees.


Even minimum exposure to such temperatures can lead to painful third-degree burns.  With more asphalt lining the streets of our cities, the pads on a dog's paws are more likely to burn. Veterinary offices are also often the cause of this problem, as dog owners are forced to walk their dogs across a hot parking lot to get to the doctor's door.

A Cool Pavement pathway through the parking lot  provides puppy paw protection now available at a 40% summer discount for vets exclusively.


One Bucket and one Bag of Cool Pavement Coating in the color of your choice will paint a cool pathway 60 feet long by 4 feet wide to your door, and be 30˚(F) cooler than asphalt.

        $300 plus shipping
      • Color matching no charge
      • Clear Coat Sealer included
      • Mix and Roll on yourself like paint
      • Permanent solar reflective cement coating that lasts


Contact:    Emerald Cities 480 221-5012

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