Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
New Trends in Energy Efficient "SMART PARKING"

There are an estimated 600,000,000 passenger cars in the world, and according to both UCLA and ASU University studies, there are between 125M-200B parking spaces in America alone.   In some cities, parking lots cover more than one-third of the metropolitan footprint.  In ReThinking a Lot,  by Dr. Eran Ben-Joseph (MIT Urban shares a different vision for parking’s future.Dr. Ben Joseph,  a Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning at MIT writes that parking lots are ripe for transformation. After all, as he points out, their design and function has not been rethought since the 1950s.


The most energy efficient developing new trend is  the combination of Solar Canopies to collect the electricity, and Cool Pavement which reduces the demand for A/C power by cooling the building envelope.  Solar Canopies  qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC). The tax credit is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Solar reflective cool pavement qualifies for LEED points and CO2 offset credits. Both save on the cost of electricity, with the Cool aPvement contributing  a 30% savings on night time parking lot  illumination.  The combination of these two "solar" technologies is money savings alternative for environmentally conscious property owners.


"Solar Canopy" powers the facility; "Cool Pavement" reduces the load 20˚F



"Solar Canopies: provide shade; "Cool Pavement" cools it down by 20˚F