Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Solar Reflective Nano Materials


These are a special class of inorganic pigments which require special care in formulating.  Emerald Cities™ uses only those pigments which ranked highest in LBL's UV (ultraviolet) and NIR (near-infrared) solar reflective properties and the solar reflectance of its shades of color tested by Lawrence Berkeley Labs to insure a rating of .4 SRI or higher.  Emerald Cities™ color expertise which spans 35 years over the construction industry, architecture, hospitality, home furnishings industries.  The company offers 3 basic color palettes, and/or will formulate any custom color at no charge.




Nano Engineered Materials make Emerald Cities™ coatings super strong, durable and "tough". The formula's utilize C-S-H  and carboxylated cross-linking formulations for maximum strength, penetration and bonding.   These slurry formulas are easy to use, self leveling, self compacting to provide permanent coatings designed to endure heavy traffic and use.


Life Cycle Analysis models now show that UHPC coatings lower the average repair and maintenance costs; cool asphalt surfaces and lower the amount of inner city energy consumption, particularly in the summer months. Emerald Cities™ Cool Pavement is be classified as a “Carbon Emissions Reduction Product ” for several reason:


-- energy savings in  simplified applications

-- water soluable non-toxic formulas

-- cool, heat reducing properties


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