Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Cost Benefits of Cool Coatings

Compared with cost of labor and equipment involved in asphalt re-surfacing or replacement methods, and, combined with the rising cost of oil products, EC Cool Pavement is more cost effective than traditional asphalt resurfacing for the following reasons:


No Asphalt Milling or Pavement Removal Required

Old asphalt does not need to be removed in order to utilize this green pavement product.  It is not necessary to sand blast or mill the asphalt prior to resurfacing. Alligator cracks need only to be patched with EC Patch Mix, and the surface needs to be thoroughly power washed.


Reduced Equipment Costs

EC Cool Pavement requires a minimum of specialized equipment, and does not utilize heavy dirty road equipment that pollutes the environment while greening the road.  The basic Equipment costs to do 500 sq. feet or 50,000 sq. feet is under $2000.  This also calculates in to energy savings and avoided C02 emissions that would be expelled from fuel consumed by road work equipment.


Reduced Labor Costs

EC Cool Pavement requires only a fraction of the labor costs, and does not require skilled laborers to apply. Emerald Cool Pavement Solar Reflective Solution is sold in pre-measured liquid and dry units which require only 4 laborers to apply the following square footage:


1000 sq. ft:  1 hour            One (1) 10 gallon pail; 2 bags dry mix

10,000 sq. ft:  8 hours            One (1) 55 gallon drum; 11 bags dry mix


Air Curing Time

This product dries within 2 hours and can be opened to traffic in 4 hours, which is a considerable savings as compared to concrete or asphalts.


Cost of Delaminating Asphalt

EC Cool Pavement both preserves and protects fresh asphalt.  It help protect the surface by cooling the effects of thermal radiation, and protects the surface from the damaging UV rays.  EC Cool also creates a strong surface which is impervious to further delamination from heavy rain.


Long Term Durability

Because EC Pavement is a high compression impervious cementious coating, it provides a solid resurfacing material that outlasts traditional seal coating materials.